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Sports is a way of life at Prodigy Fitness.  Our athletic programs help our students excel in sports, get in great shape, and provide the best sport specific training available.
 Whether you chose Wrestling, Boxing, Speed and Agility Training, or get involved in one of our martial arts programs,  you will receive the guidance of a world class coach. We have hand selected only the best instructors in their respective disciplines.
Prodigy students have won countless titles, championships, accolades and awards,  but our main focus is helping young men and women realize their true potential and gain the confidence and skills to compete at the highest level – in whatever challenges they may face in sport and in life.
Please check out all of our programs and decide which one is right for you. We have classes designed for all age groups and every skill level from beginner to professional. Getting started is easy!
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All Memberships include a Fitness assessment and consultation with a Trainer to discuss your goals and learn how we can help you actually achieve the results you seek. Contact us at 937-550-0051 for more information.

Sports & Fitness

“Most kids start out wrestling early – but I didn’t know that, so when my son wanted to wrestle I just said yes. Soon we found ourselves at Prodigy for help. It has made such a difference for him.”